La Piccola  is currently smallest footprint ESE pod coffee machine on the market that features the same quality components found in professional coffee machine.

La Piccola is the smallest ESE coffee pod espresso machine

Professional quality espresso coffee, Eco-awareness and economy in use, due to the choice of paper pods and its ultra-low energy consumption.

The use of ESE coffee pods have a number of advantages: 

  • no waste
  • minimal maintenance
  • perfect dosage and grind 
  • eco-awareness coffee pods
  • easy to use
  • perfect coffee every time

La Piccola is the smallest ESE coffee pod espresso machine

The typical problem found in other similar coffee machines, regarding the formation of limestone in the water tank, La Piccola  solves this problem as this machine features a Glass Water tank

La Piccola is the smallest ESE coffee pod espresso machine hand made in Italy, ideal for small offices and domestic use. 

Do not let it’s small size fool you. This machine is Powerful, Robust and Stylish and packs a punch. You will be able to produce consistent quality espresso shots all day.

La Piccola works with standard ESE ( Easy Serving Espresso ) paper pods 44mand features a special antibacterial filter that prevents the formation of limestone and odours that could affect the coffee flavour.

  • Perfect espresso extraction
  • Very simple to use
  • Fast, clean and healthy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Consistent quality every time
  • Authentic Italian method
  • Office, home, boat, caravan
  • Perfect for hotel rooms
  • Classic Italian design
  • Up to 50 espressos / hour
  • Uses ESE 44mm coffee pods
  • Low power usage
  • Very small footprint
  • Solid Stainless steel
  • Commercial coffee pump
  • Glass water tank

Colour: Silver or Gold / Stainless Steel
Weight: 5 kg
Power consumption: 500 watts

Note: This machine is hand made, special order - Delivery time: 5-7 working days from the time of ordering.

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