A distinctive blend of Fine Arabica coffees from Colombia and Brazil. Our blend have been crafted to perfection to give you a rounded, rich and full-bodied flavour.

Rich and full-bodied tasting coffee which is smooth and with only a hint of bitterness. Makes a lovely coffee at any time of day and is blended to appeal to a wide range of customer palates

Coffee is grinded on the day of your order and packed in a protective sealed bag. Yes we send it the same day.

Pack Size: 250g

We recommend that you choose the right  grind sizes for your coffee brewers because we want you to enjoy a great cup of coffee and most importantly to avoid over, or under extracting the coffee.

Choosing a grind size and extract the perfect amount of flavour from your coffee:

Too little and you’ve under-extracted it, too much and you’ve over extracted it.

Which grind size ?

WHOLE BEANS | Just the beans, you grind yourself

COARSE | Cold brew coffee or just the right size for Cafetiere, French press, Percolator, coffee cupping

MEDIUM COARSE | For your Chemex, drip machine, Aeropress ( with 3+ minute brew time ), cafe solo brewer

MEDIUM | Now we are talking V60, drip cone, pour over brewers, Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brew time)

ESPRESSO | For your perfect espresso, Moka pot, AeroPress ( 1 min brew time )

TURKISH/GREEK | Just like powder for your Turkish or Greek style coffee

Note: The grind levels and equipment presented are our recommendation. Espresso will probably be the most crucial, since Espresso is a microcosm of coffee, and it is under pressure. The right size grind can result in a noticeable outcome in the cup.

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