The Italian Coffee Club

We are located opposite Shepherds Bush Market Station, inside the Shepherds Bush Market, just 1 min walk. As well as coffee beans, ground coffee we sell take away coffee and fresh croissants and muffins baked in store every morning.

We only sell our own brand of coffee roasted in small batches by Italian artisan roasters. Unlike the commercial coffee roasters and big brands coffee that you can buy in a shop, we offer fresher, better quality coffee, just days after has been roasted.

You can buy from 100g of coffee, and we even grind in store for you. Whatever your brewing method or coffee taste, we are sure will find one for you.

All of our coffee is sourced from key growing regions in the world. We only sell specialty-grade, mostly 100% Arabica beans but also the best house blends such as Italian Mocha, Crema Italia and various signature blends.

We have some finest specialty micro lot coffee such as Geisha Supremo, Bourbon Yellow, Bourbon Monte Cristo so please check out our store for more ont hose exotic coffees.

We pay a premium over coffee prices to bring you exceptional quality coffee beans. Our importing partners travel around the world to Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Colombia, Kenya & Mexico, to build relationships with coffee farmers so we can source the best quality coffee beans available.

You have our word, but the coffee speaks for itself.

The Italian Coffee Club in Shepherds Bush London

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